Pre-Season Training begins 15th April

Hi All,

Thank you for those who turned up to our rules session yesterday, hopefully all questions you or your team may have had have been answered.

We’ll put out something that covers what was raised yesterday, to aid the wording of the rulebook. Of course if you have any additional questions still, please come back to us and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

Next order of business, is that as we are approaching April, that means it will soon be time for pre-season training! The first session will be on Sunday 15th April, 10am – 12am and will run weekly for 4 weeks, until the season starts on 13th May.

Our training sessions and our season is all being held at north. Training is on the top traing pitch, with the season being played out on the lower training pitch, so if you’re trying to find us, you’ll need to go up the slope for the first 4 weeks!


These sessions are for both rookies and experienced players and will incorporated both skill drills and practice scrimmages, so that players can become familiar with the new rules, both from a playing perspective and refereeing perspective.

Anyone 16 and above is welcome to come along to give the sport a go. No previous experience or knowledge of American Football or Flag Football is needed. It also doesn’t matter what your fitness levels are, just come along and see what you think. Our training sessions are free, you only pay if you decide you want to take part in the season and register with us.

Even if you have played in previous seasons, please try and come along to at least one of these sessions, so that you can gain a better understanding of these rules and how they work compared to the previous years…last thing you want is to be caught out on game day!

We’ll also be opening up the registration for the season shortly, so keep an eye out of that as well.

Hopefully see all of you at some point over pre-season.

GAFA Committee


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