2020 Mens League Fixtures & Results

Updated 17 June 2020:

As we move into phase 5, the season now has a start date for an amended season schedule, which has been published below. Please be aware of the following:

  • Teams will be reffing then playing or playing then reffing in two game slots (1st and 2nd  – 3rd and 4th), there will be no need for a team to be at North for more than 2 games worth. i.e play first game,  ref second, then can go home, so the day will be no longer than normal for anyone.
  • To allow for longer game days, current schedule will start at 9:30 – with the last game in theory starting at 12.30.
  • As and when the switch to the bottom pitch occurs, changes will be as follows:
  • 9.30 am will become 10 am on pitch 1 – 10.30 am will become 11 am on pitch 1
  • 11.30 am will become 10 am on pitch 2 and 12.30 will become 11 am on pitch 2
  • There are no individual bye weeks. If teams cannot field a team on the weekend, they may seek to rearrange their game to mid-week, with the agreement of the their opponent and subject to pitch availability. There is no obligation to agree to a rearrangement, but effort should be made when possible.
  • If a team cannot be fielded, and the game cannot be rearranged, then the team unable to to play will forfeit the game with a 18-0 loss. If both teams cannot play on the original date, then the game will be a 0-0 tie.

Original Posting

Below is our schedule for the 2020 season. 

As all players should be aware of , from this season we have moved to a model of a team providing all referees for a game.  Please be aware of not only when you are playing, but when you need to provide officials.

This is also the first season where teams have been split into divisions, for nothing more than scheduling reasons! Teams play each other team in their division twice, and out of division opponents once.

Top team in each division qualify for the playoffs, with the next best two records, from either division also advancing to the semi-finals.

Week 1 Score Score 28-Jun
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Puffins 31 v Hornets 38 West Div Reapers
10.30am Razorbacks 0 v Reapers 6 East Div Hornets
11.30am Terrapins 47 v Mustangs 12 East Div Raptors
12.30pm Raptors 59 v Spartans 12 West Div Terrapins
Week 2 Score Score 05-Jul
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Razorbacks 18 v Puffins 12 Inter-Div Terrapins
10.30am Hornets 34 v Terrapins 25 Inter-Div Puffins
11.30am Raptors 32 v Reapers 35 Inter-Div Mustangs
12.30pm Mustangs 30 v Spartans 25 Inter-Div Reapers
Week 3 Score Score 12-Jul
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Puffins 19 v Raptors 16 West Div Mustangs
10.30am Reapers 59 v Mustangs 19 East Div Puffins
11.30am Spartans 12 v Hornets 68 West Div Terrapins
12.30pm Terrapins 12 v Razorbacks 50 East Div Spartans
Week 4 Score Score 19-Jul
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Spartans 6 v Reapers 34 Inter-Div Mustangs
10.30am Puffins 28 v Mustangs 13 Inter-Div Spartans
11.30am Terrapins 30 v Raptors 53 Inter-Div Hornets
12.30pm Razorbacks 25 v Hornets 26 Inter-Div Raptors
Week 5 Score Score 26-Jul
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Spartans 6 v Puffins 25 West Div Reapers
10.30am Reapers 44 v Terrapins 28 East Div Puffins
11.30am Mustangs 6 v Razorbacks 63 East Div Hornets
12.30pm Hornets 37 v Raptors 19 West Div Razorbacks
Week 6 Score Score 02-Aug
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Puffins 18 v Terrapins 12 Inter-Div Razorbacks
10.30am Spartans 0 v Razorbacks 55 Inter-Div Puffins
11.30am Reapers 20 v Hornets 42 Inter-Div Raptors
12.30pm Mustangs 40 v Raptors 39 Inter-Div Spartans
Week 7 Score Score 09-Aug
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Spartans 12 v Raptors 45 West Div Hornets
10.30am Hornets 37 v Puffins 26 West Div Spartans
11.30am Mustangs 18 v Reapers 32 East Div Razorbacks
12.30pm Razorbacks 39 v Terrapins 6 East Div Reapers
Week 8 Score Score 16-Aug
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Hornets 52 v Mustangs 25 Inter-Div Reapers
10.30am Reapers 20 v Puffins 24 Inter-Div Hornets
11.30am Raptors 20 v Razorbacks 37 Inter-Div Terrapins
12.30pm Terrapins 50 v Spartans 6 Inter-Div Razorbacks
Week 9 Score Score 23-Aug
Home Team Away Team Division
9.30am Puffins 40 v Spartans 12 West Div Mustangs
10.30am Razorbacks 19 v Mustangs 18 East Div Puffins
11.30am Raptors 27 v Hornets 43 West Div Terrapins
12.30pm Terrapins 20 v Reapers 45 East Div Raptors
Bye Week 30-Aug
No Games No Games
Week 10 Score Score 06-Sep
Home Team Away Team Division Refs
9.30am Mustangs 16 v Terrapins 32 East Div Raptors
10.30am Raptors 37 v Puffins 53 West Div Mustangs
11.30am Reapers 31 v Razorbacks 14 East Div Spartans
12.30pm Hornets 64 v Spartans 0 West Div Razorbacks
Semi Final 13-Sep
Home Team Score Away Team Score Refs
10:00 Reapers 20 Razorbacks 26 TBD
11:00 Hornets 48 Puffins 38 TBD
Final Saturday 19-Sep
Score Score Refs
15:30 Hornets 18 Razorbacks 6 TBD