2021 Awards

League Champions – Puffins

Most Valuable Players – James Alderton (Hornets)

Offensive Player Of The Year – Jason Hull (Puffins)

Defensive Player Of The Year – Chris Croft (Razorbacks)

Breakout Player Of The Year – Conor Manganaro (Mustangs)

Rookie Of The Year – Joe Williams (Razorbacks)

Players’ Player – Jason Hull (Puffins)

Sportsman Of The Year – Dan Guilbert (Razorbacks)

In addition to our usual end of season awards, we would also like to highlight the players who received the most nominations for their team’s weekly player of the game:

Hornets: Si King

Mustangs: Conor Manganaro

Puffins: Jason Hull

Raptors: Matt Kershaw

Razorbacks: Rob Williams

Reapers: Matt Jackson

Spartans: Alex Fallaize & Brandon Ferbrache

Terrapins: Luca Finetti