About Flag Football

Flag Football is a  non-contact version of American Football. While there are variations that range from 5 to 8 a side, the most common, and the version played locally is 5-a-side.

Locally, we are currently able to offer a Sunday Co-Ed league, which can be participated in by anyone over the age of 16. There are currently plans for additional competitions, and these will be advertised as and when we are in a position to proceed!

Flag Football maintains a number of the elements of the contact version of American Football, but it’s non-contact rules makes the sport much more open and accessible. There is no physical tackling of players, but instead players wear a belt with two flags hanging at down, one on each hip. If one of these is flags is pulled, this is a tackle. 

For a further breakdown of how the game works, checkout the first part of this presentation:

Should you have any further questions about the sport, or would like to get involved, please reach out to us on email, or through our Facebook/Instagram pages.