The League

When does the league run from?

Including pre-season training, the league runs from April until the end of August/early September.

How many teams are in the league?

Currently the league consists of six teams, the, Knights, MustangsRaptors, Razorbacks, Reapers and Terrapins. As the league grows, we hope to be able to add further teams to this list. All teams are entered into one league, with the top four making the playoffs.

How many games are played?

Each team plays a total of 8 games, playing each of their opposing teams twice, once as the designated home team, the other as the designated away team.

How is the winner decided?

The season for all teams is 10 games, which help determine the league order. Once all teams have played their 10 games, the final standings are decided firstly on number of wins and then if needed by points differential between points scored and points conceded.

After that, the top 4 teams enter a playoff system, with 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, with the winners of those two games playing in the Guernsey Bowl final, to determine the champion.