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Terrapins vs Reapers: Week 10

Written by Matt Jackson

This week saw the Reapers face the Terrapins. The Terrapins have been a force to be reckoned with all season, losing by only 1 point in their last matchup with the Reapers. Showing up with a smaller and less experienced squad than usual and having to start their second string quarterback (“QB”) due to injury would however prove too much to over come. The Reapers with a win on the day would officially state their claim as the GAFA 2016 champions.

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Hornets vs Reapers: Week 9

Written by: Matt Jackson

Week 9 would see current league leaders Reapers take on the offensive force of the Hornets, who had scored a massive 232 points so far this season with a solid passing game. Jordan Gallienne (“Jordy”) came into the game with 22 touchdowns (“TD”) and just 2 interceptions (“INT”). The Reapers on the other hand continue to make their mark on defence, allowing only 108 points prior to this game, boasting 14 INT’s, 6 of which went for TD’s. This game was not to disappoint.

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Razorbacks vs Reapers: Week 5 Reschedule

Written by: Matt Jackson

This weekend saw the much awaited rescheduled Week 5 matchup between the Razorbacks and Reapers. The Razorbacks still seeking that elusive win despite seeing improvement week after week from an ever developing squad. The Reapers, on the other hand, seemingly coming into form after a slow start to the season came into the game on a 4 game winning streak, aware that a win on the day would pull them to the top of the table ahead of some strong competition.

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Week 8: Reapers vs Terrapins

Written by: Jamie Jenner

In my long career of playing Flag Football (8 months), I have not seen a match so clearly separated by 2 halves – the first half dominated by the Terrapins and the second half held firmly in the grasp of the Reapers. Nonetheless, both teams played excellently and therefore proving this was a key match for them both.

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