A new season has begun!

This week saw the return of the Guernsey Flag Football League. Last year’s playoff contenders all got off to the start they would’ve of hoped for, all picking up a win in their first game of the season.

Plenty of time still left before all is settled!

Below are the player stats from week 1!

Passing Stats
NameTeamPassing TD1 XP 2 XP INTINT Returned for TDINT Returned for 2XPINT TotalGames Played
James AldertonHornets00100001
Hugh BowsherPuffins43010011
Robert DomailleReapers33010011
Alex FallaizeSpartans 10031001
Jordan GallieneMustangs31010001
Dan GuilbertRazorbacks43000001
Si KingHornets60300001
Luke PattimoreRaptors00000001
Paul WilkesTerrapins31130031

General Stats
NameTeamCatches/CarriesRushing TDReceiving TD 1 XP 2 XP Non-Scoring INTINT Returned for 2XPTotal INTTacklesPasses DefendedSacksSafetyGames Played
Sandy AdamsTerrapins0000000000001
James AldertonHornets0010130000001
Ant Armstrong Terrapins0010000000001
Blake BatisteTerrapins0000000000000
Craig BatisteReapers0000000000001
Pete BeausireTerrapins0011000000001
Vaughn BotesMustangs8010000000001
James BowsherPuffins0010000000001
Chris BurnetReapers0001000000001
Sam ClarkSpartans0000000000101
Jacques ColleyHornets0020100000001
Ashley ConquestMustangs0000000000000
Kieran CreberRazorbacks3000000000001
Chris CroftRazorbacks3021000050001
Rob CruickshankPuffins0000000000000
Alexander Cutts-WatsonTerrapins0000000000001
Thomas Cutts-WatsonTerrapins0000000000001
Dave DavisonTerrapins0010100000001
Eric DeaneReapers0000000000001
Amy DuportSpartans0000000000000
Jordan FallaPuffins0000000000001
Alex Fallaize Spartans0000000000001
Brandon FerbracheSpartans0000000000101
Elliot Gallienne Raptors3000010000001
Ross GormanMustangs0000010061001
Dan GuilbertRazorbacks0000000000201
Martyn GuilbertRazorbacks0000000000000
Dave HallRaptors1000000021001
James HollisReapers0000010100001
Jason HullPuffins0020000000001
Aidin HuntSpartans0000000000001
Matt JacksonReapers0031000000001
Jamie JennerTerrapins0000000000000
Scott JonesHornets0010000000001
Dan KeltieMustangs4000000000001
Stu KeltieHornets0020000000001
Matt Kershaw Raptors5000000040001
Si KingHornets0000000000101
Alex KosmasMustangs2000000010001
Sam LeBachelet Raptors4000000030001
Cameron LeProvostSpartans0010000000001
Jack LeTissier Raptors1000000010001
John Marsh Raptors6000000000001
Tom MartinHornets0010100000001
Chris McgibbonHornets0000100000001
Matthew McKennaMustangs0000000000000
Dave MiddletonMustangs5001000000001
James MonkPuffins0000000000201
Josh PembertonSpartans0000000000001
Johan PolsReapers0001000000001
Luke RabeyHornets0000000000001
Matt RenoufSpartans0000000000000
Jack RhodesPuffins0011000000001
Jack RomerilRaptors3000000042001
Tristan RuddReapers0000000000000
Matt SaltmerPuffins0001000000001
Steve ScratonMustangs00000000111001
Matt ShieldsSpartans0000000000001
Matt SkillettMustangs7020000011001
Tim SkillettMustangs0000000080001
Josh SmaleMustangs0000000000000
Owen ThomasRazorbacks0000000000000
Aaron WalshPuffins0001000000001
Paul WilkesTerrapins0000000000301
Charlie WilliamsRazorbacks4010020240001
James WilliamsRazorbacks3000000041001
Joe WIlliamsRazorbacks4000000001001
Rob WilliamsRazorbacks3012010142001

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