2020 Season starts 28 June

Hi All,

We are only a few days away from the start of the season, a season that for a while was very touch and go as to whether factors out of our control would allow us to be in a position to play. Moving to phase 5 at the weekend means we are now able to play starting, starting at the weekend. Please see below information regarding game day logistics and other information:

To start the season, we will be playing on the top training pitch at North, and will hopefully be able to move down to our regular field part way into the season, once the new grass is ready. The top field pitch is reduced in length. Your Captains have the official dimensions, should you not have already been sent them. Soon as we move to the bottom field, we will revert to the regular size pitches. Fixtures for the season can be found here.

Unfortunately, the shortened time frame means that we now have to have 4 games on a Sunday and eliminate any bye weeks, outside of one league wide week off. With 4 games a Sunday, please ensure that you are on time for your game, and any game that you are expected to ref, as any delays have a knock on effect to all games that follow.

Same as last season, the home team of the first game is responsible of setting up the field and the home team of the last team is responsible for packing up again and putting all the gear back in the locker.

This year everything needed for game day has been fully organised into boxes. If will be your responsibility to ensure that the correct equipment goes back into the right boxes at the end of the day. These boxes are:

  • 2 Pitch boxes, containing all the end zone pylons and cones for marking out the field and 3 yard safety lines on the side lines – Only one box is needed while up on the top pitch.
  • 1 Box containing 52″ flag belts – number relates to the belt length.
  • 1 Box containing 42″ flag belts
  • Bag of game balls – If not removed by committee for cleaning or prep.

Also in the locker, should they be needed are:

  • 1 Box containing coloured bibs in the event of referees needing to distinguish themselves more easily from teams they are officiating over. If these are used, they must be washed after use and returned the next week.
  • 1 Box of referee equipment – Each team is being issued with their own referee equipment this season. However there will be spares. If whistles are used, these must be taken home, washed and then returned the next week.

Everyone is responsible to keeping this locker organised. If you take something out of a box, put it back where you got it from, so it can be found easily the next week. 

Final thing, if you haven’t registered yet, you need to do it this week. Link to the form is at the top of the website. Forms must be signed in order to play – electronic signatures are fine, but this must be an actual signature and not just typing your name in the box!

See you all on Sunday!

GAFA Committee

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