2018 Season Round-Up – A few little facts

So I was looking through some stats following the end of the 2018 regular season and here’s a few things that some may find interesting:

On Offense: 
153 Total touchdowns scored – 144 were passing and 9 were rushing – this is a 16:1 ratio pass/run. If people didn’t think Flag Football was a passing biased game before, this pretty much proves it!

61 successful extra point/2 extra point conversions – Conversion rate of 36.53% league wide On Defense: 
There were 77 Interceptions – 14 Returned for touchdowns, 1 returned for 2 points (in Overtime)

44 Sacks were made, 2  resulting in safeties 

League  Stats:
Combined, total points scored were 1002 (TDs, including INT returns) + 43 (1xp) + 36 (2xp) + 4 (Safeties) = 1085 points 

1000 minutes of football were scheduled to be played this year (that’s 16.67 hours of football overall or more simply put, 25 games) –  This is just by game clock length and doesn’t factor in clock stoppages in the 2 minute warnings or games that went to overtime! 

Taking the above into account, this means the league averaged over a point per scheduled minute of play this year. (1.085 points/minute for those who want the exact average) In touchdown terms, this averaged 1 for just under every 6 minutes of game clock (5.98) 

There was a league ratio of 1.87 touchdowns: 1 Interception 

41 Players recorded a ‘highlight’ stat and 11 recorded passing stats – This does not include players who recorded tackles, pass break ups, carries or receptions. We had a total of 48 players play throughout the regular season.

Highest score of the season: 74

Lowest score of the season: 0

Average Winning Score – 27.40

Average Losing Score – 14.56

Leader Leaders: 
Passing Leader – Dan Guilbert (Razorbacks) – 37 Touchdowns 
Rushing Leader – Josh Kins (Mustangs) – 3 Touchdowns 
Receiving Leader – James Williams  (Razorbacks) – 13 Touchdowns 
INT Leader – Luca Finetti  (Terrapins) – 8 Total INTs 
Sack Leader – Jamie Jenner (Terrapins) – 11 Sacks (1 Safety)

I’ll also be looking to add an overall stats page, so players can track their career stats  and also a few top 10 listings, taking performances from each season, so everyone can see what the actual records to beat are , as well as where their own performances stack against the leaders (although right now this might start from 2016 as 2015’s stats are looking incomplete!).

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