Jaguars Se7ens Cup

For those who have already seen our post on Facebook, you’ll know what this is about, for those who haven’t here’s a copy of our poster:


Here’s a bit more of a rundown of exactly what the Jaguars Se7ens Cup is all about.

The Jaguars Se7ens Cup

The Jaguars Se7ens Cup is a 7-a-side version of Flag Football, with two tournaments in the UK, one in Manchester on 2nd September and the other in London, on 9th September with the Tournament winners playing for the chance to win a Trip to the Super Bowl for their team.

The Final will be played in London on either 22nd or 23rd September.

The Guernsey American Football Association is entering a team of 10 players for this and is offering everyone the chance to try-out for this team.

The Guernsey Team have entered for the Manchester date, which is the 2nd September and are waiting of this to be confirmed. Our entry in guaranteed, but we may be asked to move to the London date, depending of where team numbers are needed.

The important T&Cs which we have no control over

The biggest one that MUST be stressed to all those interested in is that the tournament organisers have stipulated that tickets to the Super Bowl will only be awarded to those who play in the final. (See 4.5 in the event T&Cs)

That means if you play in the tournament, but not the final, you do not qualify for the Super Bowl trip, as per the organisers’ rules.

The best thing to do if to make sure that you are free for both the qualifying and final weekend, to ensure that in the event of the Guernsey team reaching the final, you are not left disappointed.

Players must be 18 or over. (See 3.1 in the event T&Cs) Our local league allows for 16 and older, but this tournament is for 18 and over only.

Those selected to play must sign and return a copy of the T&Cs by 6 August 2017 in order to be eligible to play. (See 2.2 in the event T&Cs)

Full T&Cs can be found here:

FAQs can be found here:

Rule differences

A copy of the rules has yet to be published for this year’s tournament, however last year’s can be found here:

While we don’t yet know the exatct differences to our local rules for this year’s tournament, these are the differences when comparing last year’s rules. It’s probabaly a safe bet to assume that at least the majority of these rules will be the same this year too:

The game is 7 vs 7 with up to 3 subs.

12 minutes halves rather than 20 minutes (With 2 minute warning rules).

1 timeout per half.

The Field is as long as ours, but is 5 yards wider.

25 second play clock.

No running plays, 100% passing game.

1 Rusher allowed from 7 yards – must be identified prior to snap.

No lineman blocking

All 6 players other than the QB are eligible receivers

Players must wear a mouth guard.

Ball used is leather reather than composite

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