2017 Early Registration now open

Afternoon all!

As we start moving towards the opening of our pre-season, we’d like to let all returning players (or newly recruited players) know that early registration for the 2017 season is now open!

If you click on the below link, you’ll be able to download a copy of our registration form:


Once completed, return it to our email address: gsyflagfootball@gmail.com

By registering early, this will help the committee organise the teams we have in place, and see which team (if any) might need a little extra boost with recruiting.

If you’re considering the sport, but are not yet with a team or have yet to try the sport out, do not worry, you do not have to register yet! The committee will be organising some rookie training days for you to come and try out the sport first.

Once we’ve hooked you in, then you can register and if you still do not have a team recruiting you, will find you a place, so no need to worry!

GAFA Committee

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