Terrapins vs Reapers: Week 10

Written by Matt Jackson

This week saw the Reapers face the Terrapins. The Terrapins have been a force to be reckoned with all season, losing by only 1 point in their last matchup with the Reapers. Showing up with a smaller and less experienced squad than usual and having to start their second string quarterback (“QB”) due to injury would however prove too much to over come. The Reapers with a win on the day would officially state their claim as the GAFA 2016 champions.

The Reapers starting on offence would put together a long drive for the TD. Spreading the ball out between their numerous playmakers in both the pass and run game, Simon King would find Matthew Jackson wide open in the end zone on a corner route for the 15 yard Touchdown (“TD”). A play that would work well throughout the game. Si opting for the usual 2 point after TD (“PAT”) would find Johan Pols on a broken play to bring the score to 8-0. Si since taking over at QB in week 3 has thrown 26 TD’s and 7 Interceptions prior to this game and been the leader of this team throughout their winning streak.

The Terrapins would answer right back with a nice first down run from their Centre for day Nick Gaudion who caught a pass for short yardage but with his speed turned the corner and hit the sideline for a 20 yard gain and first down. On the very next play Callum Hockey who stood in at QB for the day, found Garry Maclachlan open deep down field for the 25 yard TD. Failing on the 2 PAT due to penalty left the game 8-6.

The Reapers coming out firing on offence one again as we have come to expect over their last few outings. Opening the drive with a 15 yard run, Matt would then catch a 15 yard pass on the corner route to bring the ball to 3 yard line. On the very next play, Matt would finish the drive with a 3 yard dump pass. Chris Grantham would catch the 2 PAT just short of the end zone and moonwalk the rest of the way for the score. 16-6

The Terrapins not to be outdone would drive nicely down the field with a number of short passes. The Reapers appearing confused going up against such a speedy Centre would allow Nick a number of those short catches to initially obtain the first down. Callum would again find Garry for the TD. This time a 20 yard jump ball in the corner of the end zone. Terrapins would again be unable convert the PAT with an excellent INT from Jamie Jenner. 16-12 at the half.

 Game Stats – Terrapins
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT Interceptions
Callum Hockey 3 1 0 2
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Gary Maclachlan   2
 Nick Gaudion 0 1 0
Defensive Stats
Player Name Sacks Interceptions Touchdowns

The Reapers would again find it difficult to contain Nick who caught a number of balls on the drive. One which he evaded 3 tacklers and took the ball for a 30 yard TD off a short pass. Nick would then also bring in the 1 PAT on the centre roll out. 16-19

Si on the next Reapers drive would find Johan on a short out route on 3rd down. Johan expertly turning the corner would take the short catch for a 25 yard gain and a first down. The Terrapins would defend the run nicely all game however sacrificing the passing game to do so. Nick would come up just short of the first down initially on a nice 10 yard pass however Si would go straight back to him on the next play for the short TD on the quick out route. The PAT would fail due to penalty leaving the score 22-19.

The very first play of the Terrapins drive, Johan would pick of the QB as he has been doing all season! Turnover. Johan is racking up the stats on both offence and defence this year showing that the swap at QB has done wonders for him and this team.

Si would once again find Matt who was widen open on a quick out route to initially pick up the first down. Matt, as Johan had done on the same play earlier in the game, expertly turned the corner and ran down the sideline for the 30 yard TD. Craig Batiste who had been kept under control compared to recent games ran the ball in for the 2 PAT.30-19.

Neither teams playing to their full abilities in this game but the Reapers just doing enough to take home the victory. This win was enough to crown the Reapers as the GAFA 2016 champions. The Reapers have a very strong team and played well on both sides of the ball all season proving them as well deserved champions. A number of these players will have their eye on some more silverware come awards nights. Congratulations.

 Game Stats – Reapers
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT Interceptions
Si King  5  0  2  0
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
 Craig Batiste  0  0
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Johan Pols  0 0 1
Matt Jackson 3  0
Nick Schofield 1  0
Chirs Grantham  0  1
Jamie Jenner  1  0
Defensive Stats
Player Name Sacks Interceptions Touchdowns
Johan Pols  0 1 0
Craig Batiste  0 1 0

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