Razorbacks vs Terrapins: Week 6

Written by: Dan Guilbert

Week 6 would mark the Rzorbacks’ first game following the bye week, with their Week 5 game being postponed. For the Terrapins, they would be looking to continue their winning ways and close the gap on the Hornets at the top of the table.

Razorbacks started the game with only 5 players and in the heat, the lack of subs couple prove to be a problem. Their opening drive was a conservative one, using the rushing ability of Ben Le Maitre to gain some positive yards, but the passing game failed to pcik up the remaining yards for a first down.

The Terrapins would be starting against a defense with had conceeded the most points in the league so would be forgiven for expective points to come fairly easily during the game. They crossed halfway after a couple of plays, but on the later half of the drive, Nick Gaudion found his pass bouncing off his receiver’s hands into Sam Loveridge’s grasp for his first interception of the game.

Razorbacks second drive was one which stalled follwing four incomplete passes.

Terrapins started with a short pass to their centre, before two incomplete passes. On fourth down a tipped pass fell into the hands of Callum Hockey who ran it into the endzone for the first score of the game. Gary caught the extra point and the score was 0 – 7.

Razorbacks looked to respond and moved the ball down field with a deep pass to Blake Batiste and further rushing from Ben and found themselves just outside the no-rush zone on fourth down, but in an incomplete pass force the turnover on downs.

Before the half, Terrapins were looking to socre again, starting with a run and pass to their centre, but Sam was able to grab another interception, this time a clean catch over his head to end the drive, right when it looked threatening.

One final throw from the Razorbacks deep down field went incomplete to the end the half and 0 – 7.

 Game Stats – Terrapins
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT Interceptions
 Nick Gaudion 3  1 3
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Callum Hockey 1  0  0
Gary  1  0
Luca Finetti  0  0
Matt Skillet 1  0  0
Defensive Stats
Player Name Sacks Interceptions Touchdowns
 Nick Gaudion  0  1  0
Iaan Erasmus  0  1  0

For the start of the second half, it was obvious that the two teams would be playing at a very different tempo while on offense. The Terrapins started off coming out of the huddle, looking to use the Razorbacks’ lack of subs, but moving from play to play quickly.

The Razorbacks on the other hand, would be using their full 30 seconds of their playclock to help their players catch their breath.

Terrapins started the second half on offense and moved to close to first down after 3 plays. On fourth down Nick’s pass to Gary picked up the first down. One the very next play, Nick threw the ball over the top to Luca Finetti into the bac of the endzone. Score 0 – 13.

For the Razorbacks, their half did not start well. A tipped pass on third down was hauled in by Nick for the interception, ending the drive.

Terrapins started their next drive with two run plays, moving quickly to take advantage of tired legs on the defense. An incomplete pass brought up third down but a pass to Joe Wilkinson converted for the first down. A deep and high pass to Matt Skillet was plucked from the air and run in for the last couple of yards. On the extra point, the ball again bounced off the receiver’s hands and into Sam’s grasp for this third pick of the game.

A penalty saw the Razorbacks starting further up the field than normal, however wth the game getting further along, they found that passing that would normally have been caught, were over shooting their intended recievers who no longer had the same burst they had earlier as fatigue was taking it’s toll. Four incomplete passes saw the ball turned over on downs.

With the game looking out of reach, the Terrapins rotated Luca into quaterback for a couple of plays, but fourth down saw Nick come back in under centre. Sam very nearly grabbed his fourth pick of the game, but instead had to be content with the bat down, which forced the turnover on downs.

Razorbacks, looked again to at least grab some points before the end of the game. But once again, passes fell incomplete. The final pass was overthrown and picked off by Iann Erasmus.

Terrapins next drive saw them run on first down, before a offside penalty forced them backwards. A foruth down pass very nearly found its way to Sam again for another pick, but it bounced out his hands to the ground for a turn over on downs.

Razorbacks first play was a fumble, followed by two very quickly run deep passes, which were only intended to try and grab some consolation points, but both attempts came away empty handed.

At Razorbacks 0, Terrapins 19, it was a game in which the scoreline did not truly reflect how competive it was throughout, but it did show the importance of having substitutes is, especially on warmer days, which can quickly sap energy. With their win, Terrapins were now tied with the Hornets for the league lead, while Razorbacks were still searching for a victory. Whilst they may not be in a position to win the league, it could still be the Razorbacks who decide who does win, if they can pull some wins together in the second half of the season.

 Game Stats – Razorbacks
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT Interceptions
Dan Guilbert  0 1


Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Defensive Stats
Player Name Sacks Interceptions Touchdowns
 Sam Loveridge  0

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