Hornets vs Razorbacks: Week 2 (Postponed Game)

Heavy rain had forced this re-scheduled week 2 game to eventually be played between games for week 3 and 4. Having suffered a signiifcant loss to the Terrapins the previous day, the Razorbacks would be looking to turn their fortune around, while the Hornets would be seeking to continue their run of good form.

The Hornets started with the ball, but after one run play, found themselves turned over on Jordan Galliene’s first pass of the night, picked by James Williams, who was unable to return the ball for the score.

Razorbacks first drive started off with too short run plays, forcing them to look deep to pick up the first down. A third down pass just behind the intended receiver meant fourth down was all or nothing, but the pass was overthrown resulting in a turnover on downs.

A short pass to Jack Romeril (Rom) on first down was taken to just outside the no run zone, when another short pass was carried all the way to the endzone by Luke Rabey for the first score of the night. The following 2 point conversion attempt was caught cleanly by Stuart Keltie, leaving the score at 8-0.

After a good run by Ben Le Maitre, quaterback Dan Guilbert’s next pass was intercepted by Rom, who carried the ball out of bounds.

Hornet’s next drive started off slowlu, with two incomplete passes, one being batted down by the Razorbacks’ defence. Thrid down was an incomplete deep ball, bringing up fourth down. A slip from the coverage meants James Alderton (Aldy) was able to pick up the first down. Another first down pass kept the drive moving, with Jordy finding Sam Barrel for a pass into the endzone, over the head of the defender. The 2 point conversion attempt fell incomplete, score was now at 14-0.

Razorbacks next drive saw Ben colliding with Aldy on a run play, forcing Ben to the sideline. With Wills filling in at running back, he took the very next play all the way to the endzone. The extra point attempt fell incomplete. Score now at 14-6.

The Razorbacks pass rush forced an incompletion on the Hornets’ first play, with a short pass to Luke Pattimore on second down. An offensive pass interference call on third down forced the Hornets into fourth and long. Despite Aldy’s best work to cross the first down line, he was tackled just short, turning the ball over on downs.

Two successive play action passes from Dan to Blake Batiste helped move the ball on first and second downs.A deep ball to Blake on the next play went incomplete, however the Razorbacs only need a few yards. A fumbled snap on fourth down, however, killed the drive for the Razorbacks, just before halfway.

Hornets’ next drive started with  a short pass to Patti, before Jordy elected to use their first timeout. A deepball on second down, went incomplete, but forced another time out. On third down, a catch and run by Rom was called back on flag guarding, third timeout taken. On fourth down, Jordy found Aldy for the score. The extra point found a safe pair of hands in Luke Rabey in the corner. Score was now 21-6 at the half.

 Game Stats – Hornets
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT Interceptions
Jordan Gallienne 4 0 2 1
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Luke Rabey  1 0 0
Sam Barrell 2  0  0
Stuart Keltie 0 0  2
 James Alderton 1 0 0
Mike Donaldson  0 0 2
Defensive Stats
Player Name Sacks Interceptions Touchdowns
Jack Romeril  0 1 0
Sam Barrel  0 1 1

After halftime, Razorbacks were looking to avoid the same story as the previous day. A play action pass to Wills, followed by a pass to centre Josh Smale, saw them move the ball quickly towards halfway. A false start penalty saw them going backwards on fourth down. An incomplete pass saw the ball turned over on downs, killing a drive that had started promisingly.

Hornets started their next drive with a run play, and looked to follow with a second, but a fumble on the pitch saw them going bacwards a yard. An incomplete third down saw them facing fourth and long. A pass to Baz saw him tackled just before the first down line.

Another long run by Wills nearly saw the Razorbacks cross halfway in one play. A short pass to Blake on a slant saw the Razorbacks finally cross midfield. A penalty on the next play however, saw them going backwards. A pass to Wills saw them pick up the lost yardage on second down. The rush from Luke Rabey put Dan off at the last moment, forcing his pass to Sam Loeridge to go incomplete. The pass to the back corner of the endzone also went incomplete, with another turnover on downs.

The first down for the Hornets went incomplete, however the second down post play to Aldy was able to carry the ball most of the way to the endzone. Then next play was batted down, but the next was caught by Patti just inside the no run zone. Baz was abl to shake his man for the open score. The 2 point conversion was batted away from Patti. Score was now 27 – 6.

A bobbled pitch found its way into Baz’s hands on the Razorbacks first play, which he took the short distance back into the endzone for the defensive score. The 2 point conversion was caught by Mike Donaldson. Score 35-6.

Ben carried the ball to almost halfway on the Razorbacks next play, with an incomplete pass on second down. The third down pass was caught by Blake to convert the first down. The next two passes overshot their intented targest to go out of bounds.A carry set up fourth down,  with the corner pass once again going too far ahead of the intended receiver.

The Hornets final drive saw Patti coming in at quarterback for a few practive reps, with his first pass going incomplete. A false start penalty sw the drive going backwards, followed by the Hornets using their final timeout. The final play was an errant pass deep that went out of bounds to end the game. Final score 35-6.


 Game Stats – Razorbacks
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT Interceptions
Dan Guilbert 0 0 0  2
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
James Williams   1  0
Player Name Touchdowns 1 PAT 2 PAT
Defensive Stats
Player Name Sacks Interceptions Touchdowns
James Williams  0 1 0

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