Guernsey American Football Association’s website is now live!

One of the things that has been worked on over this off-season is the construction of our very own website!

You might have noticed that it’s not called Guernsey Flag American Football and wondered ‘why?’ The answer is simply future-proofing! As the sport will hopefully continue to grow year on year, we have no idea where we’ll be in a few years time, but just in case we venture into full-contact football too, we wanted the one website to look after all of your footballing needs.

Here’s where we’ll be keeping the league table up-to-date, providing a full fixtures list, posting photos and videos throughout the year and also dropping in any useful bits of news for you all. There’s also info for anyone new to the sport which will hopefully give you an idea of what we do!

While we will still be using our Facebook group and page, it was felt that a site like this would be a much better place to store everything for people to find, rather than scrolling back through months of Facebook comments.

Links to all our posts published on the site will appear on our Facebook page, so be sure to give that a like and enable notifications for it to keep yourself fully informed of all the happenings for American Football in Guernsey.

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